Configure Range Extender with Mywifiext

Nowadays, Netgear range extender is one of the best device used to keep computers, smart devices, laptops and media players connected to WiFi devices along with prolonged coverage and reliable range in every corner of office or home. These devices plays a great role in expanding the internet coverage and network range to a great extent. Basically, mywifiext is the default web address used for setting up and configuration of the Netgear wireless range extender. 

With mywifiext, you can easily solve the internet connectivity issue to a large area or network. It helps in getting the strongest signal strength to dead zones. Range extender helps in improving the internet connectivity issue. Netgear range extender enables you to connect several devices such as mobile devices, computers, media players, laptops to the internet in such area where the range of existing router is poor and you unable to reach better internet connection. Scroll down if you have own a new Netegar extender and wants to know every thing about it. 

In case, you have more than four rooms in your home or a huge building or office where your existing router does not work properly in all the rooms or whole building or office then you must access the mywifiext and follow the process of Netgear extender setup for a reliable, smooth, error-free, cable less and secure network connection.

In today’s era, the most important factor for a successful business venture is high-speed internet connection and a computer that is working well. The network range is assumed to be expanded to the dead zones or poor connectivity area in your office building or home. Today, WiFi plays a most important role in the field of networking. You have to complete all the steps that are given on mywifiext web page to install and configure Netgear WiFi range extender device. 

  • Firstly, switch on your Netgear rage extender by using the power button.
  • Turn on your laptop or computer.
  • Connect your computer with a high-speed internet connection.
  • In the next step, use aforementioned URLs to enter mywifiext.
  • After that you will navigate to Netgear smart genie setup page.
  • Enter security settings for your network.