Simple Steps to Login to IP Address

The IP address is used by modern wireless home routers. It works on the private networks and it falls in the range of reserved IP addresses. is the internal IP address used to access the console panel of individual routers or many other networking devices. It is different from other IP addresses but there is not so much difference as compared to other private addresses. You can use this router when you enter in web interface of a router. It is also known as admin panel. There are also a lot of different IP addresses are used by the manufactures such as,,

The IP address of the device is one of the most important thing used to gain the access of the administration panel of the networking device. Several routers can be configured in order to operate the different IP addresses from the default settings. You can locate IP address of your router on the manufacturer’s website. You can also use by using the Router IP address. It is a free software which is basically used for detecting the IP address.

Steps to Login to

If your default IP address of router is then you can login to the admin panel of your router very easily and connected to your router. Also, you can easily make the desired changes. Logging in into your device is very easy. You only need to follow the below steps to log in to your admin panel.

  • Firstly, you have to open any browser and write as your IP address.
  • If this IP address leads you to the blank screen then type
  • Enter the default username and password for your router device. The default username is “username” and use “password” to fill password field. Use this login details for the first time access to your router interface. It is suggested to change your login credential to enhance your security.
  • Some manufactures of router such as D-Link do not offer you such type of address. If you also have this type of router then we suggested you to use the user manual for your login credential.